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Counselling FAQ's

If you have never seen a psychologist before you may be wondering what to expect.  Listed below are some frequently asked questions:

How long are the sessions?

50 mins

How much will it cost me?

Fees vary across different services. For more information, visit the fees page.

How many sessions do I need?

You can attend one session or a series of sessions.  The number of sessions required will depend on the complexity of the problem and the willingness of clients to take responsibility for their own growth.

Will other people know I am seeing a psychologist?

All information is confidential, unless you disclose that you intend to hurt yourself or someone else.  In such cases the psychologist must get help for you. If you have a referral from a doctor, then he or she will know if you attend this practice, however, what is not disclosed to the doctor is at your discretion.

What happens in the first session?

Initially, paperwork is completed. Then, the reason for making the appointment is discussed.  The psychologist will ask you for your insight into the problem, some family background, and what has or hasn’t worked in the past.  The primary goals for therapy include symptom relief, increased self-awareness of thought patterns, and improved capacity for self-observation.

Do I need a doctor's referral?

No. However, if you would like to receive a Medicare rebate you will require a referral from your doctor. For more information, visit the fees page.

When can I see a psychologist?

Hours:  Monday (closed)
             Tuesday (11am – 5pm)
             Wednesday (7am – 5pm)
             Thursday (11am – 5pm)
             Friday (7am – 4pm)